HK superstar Leon Lai divorces his model wife Gaile Lok

After a 4 years marriage, the Hong Kong superstar Leon Lai and supermodel Gaile Lok are officially divorced. Both released written statements regarding the end to this relationship through their shared management Paciwood Music & Entertainment Ltd.

“Although they have experienced lots of beautiful moments together and still care for each other, they have serious differences in their philosophies of life,” said Paciwood Music and Entertainment Ltd in its statement. “So after careful consideration, both parties have decided to part ways.”

The statement also pleaded, “Hopefully, the public can give them each some personal space during this difficult time, so they can embrace their new lives as soon as possible, and continue to focus on their work. On behalf of Ms. Lok and Mr. Lai, we express our heartfelt thanks to the media for their support and love.”

Rumors were spread that there was a third party in the relationship, but their managers  have cleared this rumor. “Sometimes what you see may not be the truth” He is certain that no third party that caused the divorce.

Both parties wish each other happiness and will treat each other as a family member.