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Hong Kong Star Nicholas Tse Appears in ANTM

  Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) global popularity continue to grow daily, following a pattern of more Asian stars showing up in Hollywood film productions. Nicholas guest starred in reality TV show, America’s Next Top… Continue reading

Trending: Asian Street Style

Asians seem to pull off crazy styles, no matter what they wear. Their outfits exude boldness, spunk, and insurmountable amounts of swag. They can gather the oddest pieces and turn them into something… Continue reading

Futuristic glasses from SAMALdesign

SAMALdesign came up with a series of futuristic glasses with pixelated effect. The chief designer, Dzmitry Samal said he wants to reflect society’s fascination deliberately with an “informational aesthetic” through his design. The… Continue reading

Summer 2011 Colour Trends

Store away your murky greys, browns, and blacks, because Summer 2011 is all about the colour! Here are three colour palettes that have caught my eye this season: Floral Inspired Easter Egg Pastels… Continue reading

The Family of SUPRAS

Before we get into the family of Supras, we must first understand the history of Supras. Fashion is not just about what looks good, but it’s about what exactly you are wearing. For… Continue reading

Quick Summer Hairstyles

Summer is here! Class is out, the whether is nice, and the hairstyles are anything you want it to be. Take advantage of the gorgeous whether by taking an extra 10 minutes in… Continue reading

Super Mario x Converse All Star

Happy 25th Birthday to Super Mario! For those of you who have grown up saving Princess Peach on your multiple Nintendo consoles, you can now continue your mission in awesome kicks! To celebrate… Continue reading


You’ve probably heard of Gatsby at some point of your life. And no, I’m not referring to The Great Gatsby. I’m talking about Gatsby moving rubber for hair! If you have no idea… Continue reading


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