BlackBerry Bold 9900 is out!

BlackBerry Bold 9000 finally offers some cutting-edge tech! It’s basically the oldBold but with a capacitive touchscreen and updated hardware including a 1.2 GHz CPU, 768 MB of RAM, a GPU , HSPA+,… Continue reading

Trending: Asian Street Style

Asians seem to pull off crazy styles, no matter what they wear. Their outfits exude boldness, spunk, and insurmountable amounts of swag. They can gather the oddest pieces and turn them into something… Continue reading

Rebecca Zhu Crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2011 was held last night at TVB City with 6 awards presented. The popular ‘International Fala Chen’ Rebecca Zhu (#5) was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011, first runner-up unexpectedly went… Continue reading

“It is just different” Toshiba AT100 $4339HKD

Toshiba AT100 is a 10.1 inch tablet running NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor. You may wonder it is probably just another tablet with “standard” specifications. It is just a black slate anyway so… Continue reading

A MacBook Air that is smaller than your palm

I am sure a lot of you have gone crazy for the new MacBook Air, especially the ones who have been using Apple products for a while. I am not an Apple user… Continue reading

Steering Wheel for iPhone 4 Gamers

When you first look at it, you probably know what it is used for. Yes, you are right! It is a steering wheel for car racing games in iPhone 4, called the Game… Continue reading

iPad 3? YES!

For all of youfans out there, rumors had it that iPad 3 will be released possibly by Fall this year. Apart from the release date rumors, there have also been other rumors regarding… Continue reading


Want to be a professional photographer but don’t have the funds for it? You don’t have to pay $2000 dollars for an expensive camera. Just buy the Iphone SLR Mount which ranges from… Continue reading

UBC Freshmen Kickoff!

  Hey First Years! On August 30th, 2011, the UBC Dollar Project and Hong Kong Student Association is putting up one of the biggest UBC events of the summer! It’s called “The Freshmen… Continue reading

TVB without Mr. Hong Kong

After an impressive victory in the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest, Clayton Li (李晉強) expressed disbelief, as he had never envisioned himself climbing to the top of the Mr. Hong Kong ladder. Many past winners… Continue reading


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