A new Google privacy policy that you can not opt out…

On Tuesday, Google announced that it plans to follow the activities of users across nearly all of its ubiquitous sites, including youtube, gmail, and its search engine. Google has already been collecting some… Continue reading

Chrissie Chau Launches Own Bra Line, Helping Women Achieve the Perfect Cleavage!

  Many celebrities in the entertainment business have started their own businesses. Earning nearly $20 million HKD last year, Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) was recently promoted to be a “boss” as well! In 2012,… Continue reading

Another Apple’s “Revolution”??

Apple’s new iBook 2 allows digital textbooks to be distributed through iTunes for iPad and other iOS mobile devices. The digital textbooks are cool but for those of you who not know, we… Continue reading

NEW HKSA Sponsors!

Hey everyone! HKSA is proud to announce 3 new sponsors! Check them out! Wire Home Furnishing- 20% Discount for HKSA Members Wire Home Furnishing ,which is located in Richmond B.C (Unit 1053- 2560… Continue reading

Steven Ma to Leave TVB in March 2012

  There were rumors that Steven Ma (馬浚偉) did not get along with TVB management and requested to terminate his contract early. Yesterday morning, Steven arrived at TVB City to discuss his resignation.… Continue reading

Huang Xiao Ming Proposed to Angelababy?

Romantic rumors between Huang Xiao Ming (黄晓明) and Angelababy have been circulating for a period of time. Initially, the pair refused to acknowledge their dating relationship. However, their relationship have gradually opened before… Continue reading

Fala Chen’s Marriage Confirmed

It was rumored that Fala Chen married Neway young master Sit Sai Hang in 2008, but this was never confirmed. However, in recent times, Next Magazine reported to have received reliable news that… Continue reading

RIM’s Playbook update has come too late…

When it debuted last year, RIM’s Playbook was missing several key features it needed in order to stay competitive in the tablet market. There were no apps for email, messaging, or managing contacts.… Continue reading

Pregnant mainlanders are crossing HK’s border in private vans

Immigration officials say pregnant mainlanders seeking to give birth in Hong Kong are increasingly crossing the border in private vans in a bid to evade the city’s clampdown on emergency room deliveries. The… Continue reading

Learning can be this refreshing!

Hey students, AMS Minischool is back again to offer a variety of fun and leisure classes to students for enjoyment! In case some of you did not know who we are, AMS Minischool… Continue reading


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