Second Solo Concert for SNSD

If you’re a big fan of the korean girl group SNSD, then this one’s for you. The group is planning their second solo concert in Korea! So start going on and look… Continue reading

IFVA x 7-Eleven

If you miss Hong Kong 7-Eleven (7仔) as much as I do, you can finally catch glimpses of the convenience store at 7-Eleven’s  first YouTube Channel! IFVA (The Hong Kong Independent Short Films… Continue reading

Super Mario x Converse All Star

Happy 25th Birthday to Super Mario! For those of you who have grown up saving Princess Peach on your multiple Nintendo consoles, you can now continue your mission in awesome kicks! To celebrate… Continue reading


Now we just missing Angelababy. Check it EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN More posts on Angelababy + Chrissie later 🙂

Liberty Forward Party wants to ban lip and hand syncing performances

On May 13th, Senator Lee Myung Soo from the Forward Liberty Party submitted a Public Performance Act to the Korean government which would ban artists and performers from lip-syncing or hand-syncing during performances… Continue reading

Amigo Chui ends his contract with TVB

Yesterday, Amigo undertook a phone interview and told the interviewers that his TVB contract had been terminated last week. His incidents with beating his girlfriend, along with drinking and driving in January had a negatively… Continue reading

Charmaine Sheh Denies Rumors of a Marriage

Last year, Charmaine Sheh was in Mainland China shooting a series and a friend introduced her to the Mainland ‘Handbag King’, who apparently is a billionaire who owns his own company in manufacturing… Continue reading

Wedding at McDonald’s?

Starting in 2011, couples in love will be able to host weddings at any McDonald’s branch in Hong Kong!! Ever since a couple met at one of Hong Kong’s McDonald’s and wanted to… Continue reading


You’ve probably heard of Gatsby at some point of your life. And no, I’m not referring to The Great Gatsby. I’m talking about Gatsby moving rubber for hair! If you have no idea… Continue reading

Jay Chou shifting priorities as he ages?

During a Chinese television show, Jay Chou talked about his journey into the entertainment business at the age of 18. He says, “After graduating from high school at the age of 18, I… Continue reading


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