“Tai Chi Zero” Directed by Stephen Fung Receives Positive Reviews



Tai Chi Zero is a steampunk-esque action comedy, directed by
Stephen Fung, which has grossed over $60 million RMB since its release
on September 27th.  Due to its financial success and high popularity
as the number one viewed film in both mainland China and Taiwan, one
can only wonder if the sequel, titled Tai Chi Hero will do as well
when released on October 26th of this year.

The Synopsis:
“A Huayi Brothers film, the Tai Chi film series is directed by Stephen
Fung, produced by Taiwanese filmmaker, Chen Kuo Fu (陳國富), and
choreographed by the internationally acclaimed, Sammo Hung (洪金寶).
Incorporated with kung fu, Hong Kong action, western steampunk, and
video game elements, Tai Chi Zero has gained a large local and
international following before the official release of the film.

The film takes place in the later years of the Qing Dynasty, and
centers on a poor peasant boy Yang Luchan (Yuan Xiaochao 袁晓超), who was
born with a peculiar demon horn sprouting from his forehead. Poorly
educated, weird, and unintelligent, his fellow villagers never
expected that the boy would soon become the country’s most powerful
martial artist.
A doctor came to Yang’s village and recognized the horn growing from
his forehead, a phenomenon that only happens once every century. Yang
is gifted with photographic memory – he is able to memorize and
perform any martial arts technique and skill with just once look. When
the horn on his forehead darkens, he becomes undefeatable; however,
his invincible power will eventually drain his life force, and it will
ultimately kill him.

Yang’s only hope is to learn the Chen-style tai chi, a martial arts
style that consists of a unique technique that can calm his inner chi
from taking his life. Yang travels far to the Chen Village and begs
the Grandmaster (Tony Leung 梁家輝) to teach him the art. However, the
Chen’s do not share their kung fu technique to outsiders. To prove
himself worthy, Yang must stop an army of government steampunkers –
led by the powerful Fang Zijing (Eddie Peng 彭于晏) – from wiping out the
Chen Village “