ThreeSixty in Central to Close Down

So this is not an official report but the rumor mill in Hong Kong has the word out that ThreeSixty, in Hong Kong’s lively business district located in The Landmark building, is shutting down. Why is this? Well, take a wild guess……..More Luxury Brand stores. We can only guess that this location is attempting to attract more mainland customers who are most likely to visit stores in Central.

Remember the Pedder Building which had Shanghai Tang as its anchor tenant among the famous dim sum restaurant above it? This was a huge change and takeover to be give to the Western retailer Abercrombie & Fitch (now under construction). There was a lot of public outcry with this change to help save the location, but as the timing of most projects in Hong Kong the deal is signed and sealed by the time it gets out to the public. ThreeSixty promotes itself as “Hong Kong’s largest organic and natural food store” and if this shut down does happen, where will they go? If you are a fan of ThreeSixty, you will not like this news because the nearest ThreeSixty is located in the Elements Mall, Union Square, Kowloon Station. This location gets a lot less customers because of its location and the type of products stocked of less variety. Hong Kong is well known for its pollution and its capitalism but where do we draw the line between improving the quality of life or improving the economics of the city? How hard is it for a local or event a tourist to find a location for Gucci, Marc Jacobs, LV, etc? Do we really need another mall marked with more stock of luxury goods. Also, it’s important to note not only does ThreeSixty provide a wide range of quality foods that are soy based, lactose free, fat free etc, but the food court provides healthy and quality food to the hundreds of patrons working in Central everyday. What options are left after if this change takes place? Lines will be even longer for the smaller restaurants and its great they will get more business, but nothing compared to the food court in ThreeSixty.

As we stated, this is a rumor and will remain a rumor until the deal is signed and by that time….too late to make any change. We’d like to gain some perspective from the community to see what you think of this change. If you feel it is in the best interest for Hong Kong overall or detrimental to its current unique service to the community. Take our quick poll below and let us know how you feel.

Does this change bother you?

The city is always looking for changes to improve the overall economy but when do they draw the line when it effects the quality of life of its citizens. If you’d like to voice your thoughts…

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