Miss Hong Kong 2012 Final Pageant


The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012 held at Tseng Kwan O, TVB City ended on a high note yesterday. In celebration of the pageant’s 40th anniversary, TVB has implemented new ideas this year, allowing audience members to vote for the order of the top 3 winners. However, the server experienced an overload failure, which TVB had to rely on the judges’ score to determine the order of the winners. Hotshot contestant Carat Cheung (张名雅) became a three-title winner: Champion, Miss International Goodwill, and Aviation Ambassador. Jacqueline Wong (黄心颖) won first runner-up. Tracy Chu (朱千雪) won votes from many live audience members, but only managed to win second runner-up. Hotshot contestant Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) went home empty-handed.  

Eric Tsang, Bowie Tsang, Natalis Chan, and Amigo Chiu were the masters of ceremony. The ten finalists entered the stage wearing night gowns designed by famous fashion designer, Barney Cheng. Then, they answered questions asked by guests including Wayne Lai, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Kay Tse, and etc. Kay asked Roxanne who is her favorite singer. Roxanne became a “bootlicker” referring Kay as her most favorite. Perhaps, she lost some points when she couldn’t remember the lyrics of Kay’s songs.  

Hotshot Cynthia and Roxanne Got Misplaced   Next, TVB arranged a luxurious dinner for the contestants to ask the male guests questions. Since time was limited, they were not able to fully put their talents into use. Cynthia Tsang (曾明俐) carried the best body figure during the swimsuit segment.   After rounds of competition, Tracy Chu, Jennifer Shum, Roxanne Tong, Carat Cheung, Amy Cheung, and Jacqueline Wong entered top 6. The curse saying that the winner chosen for crown fitting will be misplaced read Cynthia’s fate. Even though Roxanne made top 6, but she looked half asleep throughout the show.  

Champion Carat Cheung’s performance was calm and full of confidence. Carat chose Andy when guest Jim Chim asked whom would she rescue if the two fell into the ocean at the same time. Andy laughed non-stop off stage. Dark horse Jacqueline’s performance was calm, and her question responses were decent.  

TVB implemented a new electoral system this year where the judges’ were responsible for selecting three winners for the audience to vote for the champion. Even though Tracy was a favorite to win, but Natalis announced that there were malfunctions in the voting system. It seems that TVB tricked the audience this time.

Source: http://mhkdiary.com/2012/08/26/8-26-carat-cheung-becomes-three-titled-winner/