Eight Years of “Boscolie” Memories

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The breakup of Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) not only tore the ex-lovers’ hearts, ”Boscolie” fans also cried along with them! Dating for 8 years, Bosco and Myolie’s love sparked on the set of 2004′s War of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶>. Fans cheered when they finally publicly admitted their relationship in December 2011. Who would have guessed the breakup announcement would come only months later?
Many TVB fans are now reminiscing the 8 years of unforgettable “Boscolie” memories that have lighted up their hearts:

2004: Love Sparks Blossom
Bosco and Myolie’s first drama together was Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>. Initially, Bosco left a poor impression upon Myolie; she thought he was a player that frequented nightclubs. Myolie felt that Bosco was not a good man, in which she said to herself, “This is definitely not my cup of tea!”
Myolie’s impression of Bosco changed more favorably while filming their second TVB drama, Wars of In-Laws<我的野蠻奶奶>. Myolie saw Bosco’s good qualities; he was a filial son, had utmost respect for the elderly, and possessed a cheerful personality. It was rumored that Bosco sent 600 text messages in 3 months to court Myolie!  Bosco later admitted to this, but explained that the text messages were for work purposes.

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2006- “To Grow With Love”
Myolie gained 40 pounds in 3 months to act in To Grow With Love <肥田囍事>. She had a difficult time gaining weight for the role due to the psychological stress. In February 2012, well after their relationship became public knowledge, Myolie revealed that Bosco went to her house and cooked Italian pasta for her, while cheering her up. During the filming of To Grow With Love, Myolie lost all confidence in herself as an actress, doubting her own skills as public criticism became vehement. Bosco remained by her side, while the couple’s love continued to grow.
January 2007 – Bosco Visits Myolie’s House
With their relationship still underground, Bosco was spotted visiting Myolie’s house, in which he cooked dinner for her family. When Myolie drove Bosco home at night, reporters suddenly snapped photos. The published pictures show an extremely shocked Myolie in the driver’s seat, as if she were caught “red-handed” on a date. Afterward, Bosco dismissed the media’s questions by saying that Myolie was just shocked by a reporter suddenly crossing in her path of driving.

June 2007 – Passionately Kissing
Click image for larger version</p><br /><p>Name:	War-of-In-Laws-2.jpg<br /><br />Views:	524<br /><br />Size:	8.1 KB<br /><br />ID:	55958Bosco and Myolie filmed the sequel, Wars of In-Laws 2 <野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶> where it was required for them to passionately kiss by the seaside.  They first hugged then proceeded to kiss.  It was observed at that time that they were very comfortable with each other while kissing.  Responding to the observation, Bosco and Myolie said that it was because they were both familiar with each other, thus it was not awkward.
Fans were delighted to see that “Boscolie” chemistry was even stronger in the sequel than in the original War of In-Laws. Each bantering and romantic scene between the couple hinted at their real-life intimacy.
July 2009 – TVB Producer Reveals Bosco and Myolie Dating
At a promotion event for TVB drama, Burning Flame 3 <烈火雄心3>, TVB producer, Amy Wong  (王心慰) revealed that Bosco and Myolie were a couple dating in real life. Since their relationship was not yet officially announced, this caused much embarrassment for Bosco and Myolie.
December 2009 – Host at Myolie’s Concert
In December 2009, Myolie performed in a concert, which coincided with Bosco’s birthday.  Bosco acted as a host and went onstage to give Myolie  flowers and a kiss.  Later, he even pretended to kiss a t-shirt with Myolie’s face printed on.  Although clearly showing their love to each other, Myolie denied and said “We are an onscreen couple!”

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April 2010 – Myolie Trusts Bosco Amidst Romantic Rumors
Tabloids published photos of Bosco and Miss Chinese International, Elva Ni (倪晨曦), hugging with their cheeks close together, implying that Bosco may have cheated on Myolie. Elva circulated the photo on her Facebook page, causing a stir. Despite this, Myolie stood behind Bosco and said that her relationship with Bosco has not changed, “We are still good friends and colleagues!”
Earlier, Bosco and Myolie were rumored to have taken a vacation together in Okinawa, Japan, shedding increasing light on their underground romantic relationship.
July 2010- Bosco and Myolie Attend Usher Concert
With Bosco’s strong interest in Hip Hop culture, he invited Myolie to watch Usher’s concert together. The pair were spotted entering the concert hall one after the other.

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December 2010- Snowy Romance
Filming together in mainland drama, Racecourse <跑马场>, allowed Bosco and Myolie to have an extended “honeymoon” period together without the intrusion of the aggressive Hong Kong media. Bosco happily posted a photo of the couple enjoying the snowy weather in Qingdao, China.

February 2011 – Shopping Together
Bosco and Myolie openly shopped together in Causeway Bay.  Myolie acted as a diligent girlfriend.  Bosco was asked if they are officially announcing their relationship.  He smiled but said “No, no.”

June 2011 – Bosco Photographed Nude at Home
Myolie moved into the same apartment building as Bosco, taking up residence in an apartment several floors above his apartment. Tabloids claimed that Myolie wished to know his whereabouts.  Myolie explained the reason for her apartment choice, “Because my previous residence required exterior renovation and the air quality was poor.  I’ve been to Bosco’s place before and like the brightness.  So, I decided to move!”
Days after Myolie announced that she has moved into Bosco’s building, Bosco was photographed walking nude inside his own home. Apparently a nudist at home, Bosco waited for Myolie to return from work. The couple was photographed in the bathroom together, in which Myolie allegedly washed Bosco’s back.
After tabloids published Bosco’s nude photos, he was extremely upset that his home privacy had been violated. The photos also made their relationship increasingly apparent, although Bosco replied that they were only “good friends sharing a meal together.” Myolie openly consoled Bosco’s unhappiness in the aftermath of the scandal.

August 2011: Bosco Said He is Not Attracted to Busty Women
During the airing of Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, Bosco’s fiery onscreen kisses with costar, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), resulted in the pair’s romantic rumors. However, Bosco quickly shot down the rumors, claiming that he regarded Kate as a “brother.” In the same interview, Bosco said that he was not attracted by big-breasted women and only loved Myolie Wu!

November 2011 – Myolie Discloses Bosco’s Weakness
During a game show, several male actors were lined up behind a board with their tongues out.  Myolie was asked to identify which man was Bosco by looking at their tongues only.  She was able to pick him out right away. “Because his tongue is really short!”  Bosco pretended to be upset, “Do you know that the worst thing to say about a man is that he has a short….tongue!”

December 2011 – Public Acknowledgement
Click image for larger version</p><br /><p>Name:	Myolie-Wu-Bosco-Wong-hugging.jpg<br /><br />Views:	534<br /><br />Size:	71.1 KB<br /><br />ID:	55961Myolie won the Best Actress Award at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards.  During her acceptance speech, she publicly confirmed their relationship. Looking directly at Bosco, Myolie said, “I know that I have a lot of bad traits and that I am really hard to withstand!  You have a lot of bad traits too!  You are also, really hard to withstand.  But I hope that we will continue to support each other!”
After the awards, Myolie and Bosco hugged and cried in each others’ arms. A milestone had certainly passed in “Boscolie’s” romance, delighting fans worldwide who have followed the couple for close to a decade.

February 2012 – Bosco Complements Myolie’s Life
In an insightful interview about her childhood growing up in a divorced family, Myolie revealed that she was very unhappy as a child. She saw her parents’ unhappiness and did not believe in marriage. After meeting Bosco, Myolie became more cheerful and her perspective in life changed. Finding a trusted partner in life, Myolie considered getting married and having children. Myolie said, “Since our personalities are different, we are able to remind and complement each other!”

February 2012 – Diamond Earring
Bosco disclosed that he lost a diamond earring worth $1million HKD.  Afterward, Myolie bought him a one-carat diamond earring for his birthday.  He sweetly smiled and said, “Women like to spend money!  I already replaced mine, but she still bought one for me.”

May 2012 – Bosco Intends to Wed Myolie
Appearing at good friend, Tang Chi Wai’s (鄧智偉) Hong Kong Coliseum concert, Bosco said that he intended to marry Myolie in 3 years. He hinted that he may have already given her a proposal ring.

July 2012 – Breakup
Despite their frequent discussion of each other, leading the public to think that their romance was still going well, Bosco and Myolie announced their breakup on July 24th. Bosco had said that the breakup was not due to a third-party, but Myolie’s interview hinted otherwise.  Speculations are still rampant regarding Bosco’s alleged infidelity as the reason for their breakup.

This week, ”Boscolie” news have dominated entertainment news headlines, especially focusing on what led to the relationship’s demise. Their friends and TVB colleagues have also expressed their shock and found it to be a loss that the pair were unable to work out their differences. Bosco was reportedly still waiting for Myolie to accept him back.

Will a miraculous reconciliation between TVB’s “Golden Couple” occur?

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