Shine Again

Remember SHINE the cantopop duo consisting of Wong Yau Man (黃又南) and Tsui Tin-Yau (徐天佑), well…. THEY ARE BACK with their concert series “Shine Again” to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

In 2007, the members decided to go their individual routes after debuting in 2002. But to commemorate their 10 years in HK entertainment, Shine reunites to the delight of their patient fans.

The concert was held from August 3 – August 5, 2012 but due to tremendous success they will hold a part 2 at Hong Kong Coliseum- the place where the best and the biggest concerts are held.

Clips from “Shine Again” concert featuring special guest, Fiona Sit.

To many 少女 (young ladies), Shine holds a special place in their hearts, as many listened to their music while in middle school and part 2 of Shine Again is sure to be another successful, memorable and nostalgic show!



Check out their latest song:


And a trip down memory lane with 《俗》, one of their most famous and meaningful songs.