Viann Zhang announces she broke up with Ron Ng


Ron Ng and Viann Zhang’s relationship had always been a controversy. Earlier Ron openly admitted their relationship and that it’s currently stabled. Yesterday there were photos of Viann and a Mainland actor Chen Li that circulated, which puts their relationship to the test once again.

However, according to reliable sources, Ron and Viann’s relationship ended 3 months ago and the reason was indeed what was previously reported, that Ron kept delaying on making their relationship public, so she didn’t have a sense of security. At the time, Ron thought the break up was just because Viann was ‘fussing’ and throwing a tantrum. He called Viann several times and sent her many SMS, but she didn’t respond. It was then Ron decided to publicly admit the relationship to patch things up. According to the insider, after Ron announced the relationship, he called Viann many times, but she refused to answer. Ron then sent her a SMS and asked if she had seen his post on Weibo and if they could be like how they were before? However she still refused to get back together.

Last week, the powerless Ron attended an event and was asked about Viann, he openly expressed “we both love each other”, putting all his effort into getting back with Vian. Unfortunately, Viann didn’t turn back on her decision.

Reporters contacted Viann’s manager to confirm the rumor. He directly admitted that Ron and Viann have already broken up: “Viann hopes that we could announce on her behalf that she and Ron have indeed broken up. Everything else, she will not respond to. In the future, Viann hopes everyone could just focus on her work, and stop asking questions about Ron.” Reporters contacted Ron to confirm if the relationship is over? He expressed: “No comment.”