Kevin Cheng Denies Relationship With Serena Hu

Since becoming a triple-award winning TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has been branded a “diamond bachelor.” With fans eager to see him find true love, the 42-year-old heartthrob was often linked to his beautiful costars. Rumors started in the Weibo community that Kevin has been dating mainland actress, Serena Hu (胡桑) for two months!

Currently filming mainland drama, Love and Passion <萬水千山風雨情>, in Shanghai, Kevin was quickly linked to costar Serena Hu. The gossip may have been fueled by Serena’s frequent posting of photos taken together with Kevin. Apple Daily reported that Serena often glued herself to Kevin on the filming set, went to the bar together, and even shared a meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken! Kevin’s dinner date photos with Serena were widely circulated among Weibo users.

Kevin has since clarified that Serena Hu already had a boyfriend. Thus, Kevin was quite angry at the people who had started the rumor that he and Serena were a couple. Kevin wrote on his Weibo blog, “If you want other people to respect you, please respect other people first! I feel that this is a basic human ethic!”

Kevin’s passionate blog entry drew support from his fans, who condemned the people who had fanned the false rumors. Other fans felt that whether Kevin chose to date Serena or not, they will continue to support him.

Serena Hu has not made a direct comment over her rumors with Kevin. She thanked a friend in response to a comment left on her blog.