Miss Hong Kong 2012!




This year for Miss Hong Kong 2012, TVB plans to do a large-scale knock out competition, suspected similar to American TV show Amercia’s Next Top Model. The knock-out competition will use harsh styles to provoke the 29 contestants, any one of them could be eliminated at any time.

Yesterday the 29 contestants formally met the press. #3 Yeung Si Nga (Wide Face Annie Liu), #4 Sung Chin Suet, #13 Chan Wah Yam (Pirated Cherrie Ying), #25 Christy Chan and #28 Roxanne Tong (Kent Tong’s niece) were all seen as the hot favorites.

It was said Christy opened a fashion store and sells bootleg clothing: “The customs checked my store and there’s no problem. The business is operating as normal.”

Roxanne stressed she didn’t get plastic surgery and feels the rumor that she dated Ellen Wong’s son is nothing special. As for the exposure of her nightclub pictures, and the rumor that she went to meet guys at the nightclub behind her boyfriend Gray’s back. Gray was upset and got into a fight with guy. She explained: “The published photos are normal social interactions. I already broke up with Gray and not dating now. I have never had a guy get into a fight because of me.”

#13 Chan Wah Yam appeared nervous at the event and stuttered when she spoke. She admitted she has stage fright, and hopes to rely on her bright smile to make up for it. She will also practice hard to improve her eloquence.

#10 Tam Ha, #12 Sam Hang Yin and #19 Wong Sam Wing all have master degrees and are the contestants with the highest education. #10 Tam Ha had on a tight dress, showing off her exceptionally good figure, but she had a heavy Hunan accent. Her one statement: “I am honored to be here with everyone today”, turned into “I really regret to be here with everyone today.”