Sonija Kwok 7 months pregnant, not giving up on raw/cold foods

Sonija Kwok 7 months pregnant, not giving up on raw/cold foods
Sonija Kwok, Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Claire Yiu and the rest of the cast to TVB series The Greatness of a Hero attended the promotional event. The two pregnant mothers Sonija and Claire received special treatment by TVB having chairs nearby for them to rest. Sonija is already 7 months pregnant, but still stepped on stage with 2-inch heels and had a stronger desire to look prettier than Claire, who was just 1 month behind Sonija in her pregnancy (~6months pregnant).
It was seen Sonija’s belly was not as big as Claire’s, Sonija reveals her baby is a little slim: “I always think I’m fat because I gained 30 pounds. The other day when I went for my pregnancy checkup, the doctor said the baby’s little belly is on the slim side, and told me to eat more nutritious powdered milk. Well I want my baby slim too, and can’t accept myself being fat.” She said currently her appetite hasn’t changed, and she didn’t really stop eating certain foods. She still eats raw/cold foods as usual, like ice cream. When asked why her family didn’t stop her? Sonija laughed: “Because my husband and mother can’t stop me, so I hide in the kitchen to eat! But, I stopped eating sashimi. The doctor said that’s very dangerous.” Claire is carrying a baby boy and is expected to due late July. She said she currently gained over 10 pounds and isn’t sure if its because its her second child that her belly is growing faster. As her husband is in Mainland working, her daughter Kyra, nearly 3 years old, is often kissing her belly on her father’s behalf and talks to her little brother. She looks forward to seeing her little brother born. Claire expressed she hopes for a natural birth.
When speaking of TVB Virgina Lok suspecting that Shirley Yeung has postpartum depression, Sonija urged the public to give her some space. As for herself, she’s in a joyous mood and is awaiting to welcome her baby into this world. Claire said single mothers are greatly pressured and suggested that Shirley talk to friends more: “Facing such a cute baby, should think of the brighter side.”
Also, Kent is not upset that The Greatness of Hero is broadcasting 3 years later. Kent expressed the series was scheduled to release 3 times before, but eventually got taken out. Asked if its because there’s a problem with TVB’s policies? He said he’s unsure, but he heard after a major producer saw the series, he/she went to shoot another palace fighting series and so Greatness was pushed back again until this Easter. Based on Kent’s description, it is suspected that the ‘big producer’ he referred to was former TVB producer Miu Siu Ching, who was shooting Beyond the Realm of Conscience (2009) at the time.
Kent said although the public believes this period is the ‘ashes’, he actually believes Easter is a good time. He believes as long as audience acknowledge the series, the efforts put into production will not be wasted. He anticipates for good results, good ratings and is personally going to strongly aid in promotions. The other male lead, Wayne Lai is currently in Hengdian shooting and wasn’t able to make it back for the promotion. Earlier it was rumored the two are on bad terms? Kent reiterates that he has been surviving in showbiz for 34 years already, and has been practical towards his work all along, so these gossips must not mess with him.