Model Plastic Surgery (No Angelababy!)

Lynn Hung

Aaron Kwok’s girlfriend, Lynn Hung, appears to have received extensive plastic surgery, including her eyes, nose, jaw, and chest. Lynn’s looks today are a complete transformation for her modeling days in Nanjing!

Gaile Lok

Leon Lai’s wife, Gaile Lok, once openly admitted that she had received breast augmentation to become a C-cup size. However, Gaile allegedly may have removed her breast implants shortly afterward, or possibly downgraded to a smaller size to appear more “natural.” However, Gaile appears to be naturally blessed with sexy, bee stung lips.

In addition, Gaile may have received rhinoplasty, or surgical enhancement of one’s nose. Rhinoplasty is popular in the modeling industry. A well proportioned nose anchors the features for the rest of the face. A western beauty ideal such as a high nose bridge, well sculpted nose tip, and pinched nostrils appear to have become a standard that numerous Chinese celebrities aim for.

Chrissie Chau

The topic of whether Chrissie Chau’s breasts are real or fake is often discussed, distracting us from Chrissie’s face, which may have received a rhinoplasty procedure. Compared to photos of Chrissie when she was a teenager, her current nose appears visibly more sculpted with reduce nostril flare.

Janice Man

Along with Angelababy, Janice Man is one of Hong Kong most popular “leng mos” (beautiful models). When Janice first started out in the modeling agency, she was quite cute. To make her career bigger, Janice went under the knife to restructure her nose, chasing after the pointy, chiseled nose that every model seems to lust after.

Janice Man’s rhinoplasty procedure may be considered largely successful, as the results look great and indeed her face is very striking!