13 year old jumped to his death after being banned from the Internet (May 2011)

Found this article which happened in May 2011…



A 13 year old boy was hooked on the internet, his mother was worried that he might neglect his school work. She tried to allocate his spare time to use the internet but it was unsuccessful, so she banned him from using the internet. The boy asked someone to pretend to be his mother to phone the school to say he was ill. Yesterday morning his mother received a phone call from the school, she rushed home to find him using the internet. She was very angry and cut the wire off from the computer. The boy was very upset, he went straight back to his bedroom after an argument and locked himself in. He argued with his mother through the bedroom door, and then he jumped down from his bedroom window.

The 13 year old boy named Lai Cheuk Him was a Form II student at HKMLC Queen Maud Secondary School. He lived with his parents on the 23rd floor in Cheung Kwan O Maritime Bay. His mother works as a clerk and he father works in the mainland. Cheuk had an internet addiction, his mother was worried that he might neglect his school work. They made an contract over the time he could spend on the computer, but Cheuk often breeched his agreement. As the end of term examination is approaching, his mother had asked him to concentrate in his studies, that had led to a few arguments between them. The school received a phone call from a female at 7am yesterday morning, reported that Cheuk was ill, and was unable to attend school. The school raised concern as the record showed he had been off school for 3 days. The school phoned his mother who was on her way to work at 8am to raise their concern. Cheuk’s mother was shocked to hear that he had been absent from school for 3 days, she returned home straight away. When she reached home, she found him still in his pajamas and he was using the computer. She was very angry that she cut the wire off the computer. The two started an argument; Cheuk went back to him room and locked himself there. They continued their argument with his mother standing outside his bedroom door. About 10 am, Cheuk’s mother didn’t hear any noise from his bedroom, she was worried. She called her father and also the security guard to help open his bedroom door, but without success. They then called the police. The police forced the door open but found no one was in the room. At the same time, a cleaning lady found Cheuk’s body on the platform of the tennis court. Cheuk was taken to the hospital and later died in hospital.

Cheuk’s mother contacted her husband in the mainland and he was stunned hearing the news of his son. He returned to Hong Kong straight away. Cheuk’s mother kept blaming herself over her son’s death. The school received the news about his death at 11am. The teachers were really sad for the loss of a student. According to his school report, his was an average student who was hardly absent from school. Two of his classmates were in tears when they heard about his death. The school had asked the education department to help setting up a counseling service to support the students at the school. Cheuk didn’t leave any suicide note.