HKSA Board of Directors and Top 3 Application for 2012/2013 Year

Our AGM is coming up in March and, we will be electing a new Board of Directors as well as Top 3 (President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer).
In order to qualify to run for Top 3, you must have at least one year of experience as a Director. In order to qualify to run as a Director, you must have at least one year of experience as an executive in any department. Directors may run for a Director position again, but it is not guaranteed you will get the position. All positions are based on the total votes at the AGM.Top 3:
Vice President(2)
*There will be two Vice-Presidents in the coming year. One for internal and one for external
Director positions available(There will be two directors in the Evens and Public Relations team):
Events (2)
Public Relations (2)
Human Resources
**A Creative Design Director
**A Webmaster Director
*Possibly an Internal Director for internal events such as Exec gatherings/dinners/socials. This position is under discussion. If you would like to apply for this position, feel free.
**= You are allowed to hold this Director position as well as a Director position in either Events, Marketing, Public Relations or Human Resources. However, you may not be both Events and Marketing. You are allowed, for example, to be a Director for both Marketing and Webmaster.Brief Description of position:Events: As the Events Director, you will be in charge of coming up with events, planning them and executing them with your team. This means you can use old events and create new ones. Normally, it is suggested that HKSA hosts one event a month. We will try hard this year to follow that guideline.
Marketing: As the Marketing Director, you will be in charge of formulating marketing strategies with your team. These strategies include marketing for club awareness, maximizing membership, selling tickets to events and maximizing attendance to events. The marketing team is also in charge of the HKinc. blog and newsletters. (Directors usually do the newsletter by themselves).Public Relations: As the Public Relations Director, you and you team will be responsible for finding new sponsors to either give us discounts, gifts or cash throughout the year. You will also be responsible for renewing current sponsor contracts and keeping in touch with current sponsors.
Human Resources: As the Human Resources Director, you will mostly be in charge of organizing the hiring process for department interviews and doing miscellaneous things like looking for pricing of food and other stuff.*Internal Director (If approved): The Internal Director will be in charge of organizing and executing HKSA Executive dinners and socials. So if HKSA needs an Internal Dinner, the Internal Director will find a restaurant, book it and tell all the Directors/Executives.Creative Design Director: Usually, the marketing department is responsible for the task of designing posters for the club and events. However, if you have experience in designing posters so they look on par or better with our current event posters, please apply for that position and we will give you a Director position. Please note that you will not have a team. If you want, you may be the Creative Design Director and also be a Director or Executive in a department.  So if you successfully become the Creative Design Director AND Marketing Director, that is OKAY.Webmaster: The Webmaster is solely in charge of updating our website and making sure all our sponsors are updated and events are on there. The Webmaster can also be a Director or Executive of a department. So if you successfully become the Webmaster AND Marketing Director, that is OKAY. You will not have a team under you.

Events, Marketing, Public Relations and Human Resources Directors are responsible for recruiting their own team (more on that if you get elected to Director).

We are looking for people who will be committed to their position and people who will GET STUFF DONE. If you have trouble meeting deadlines or executing tasks, please re-evaluate yourself, your time and your other commitments to see if you are fit for the position you wish to apply for. This is extremely important for Public Relations. If you are extremely busy and have no time to go out and find sponsors or meet with potential sponsors and keep contact with current sponsors, then please consider another position. If you hate having your hands held, love freedom in your position, can manage your team to get things done, think you’re a leader, and want to see HKSA bigger and better, then you will definitely be fit to be a Director.
If you are planning on running for a Director position, you need to tell us ASAP. Official deadline is March 1st, but it is preferred that you apply earlier. Send all applications to in a WORD DOC ATTACHED.
There are 3 things you need to include in your application:
1. First and Last name and current position in HKSA
2. Position you are applying for
3. A brief summary (no more than 500 words) of your experience in HKSA and what you hope to achieve as a Director.
This application process is for the current BOG to see to eliminate any candidates who will not be suitable for the position they are applying for.
Unless your application gets denied, you will need to prepare a 3-5 min speech for the AGM and all members will vote that day for the new BOD and Top 3.
If you are unsure or if you want more information, contact your directors or myself directly. You may also contact the current Top 3 (Winston, Karen and Donald) if you wish. We will be glad to answer any questions or share our experience with you.
Trust me, it’s a good experience.
If you need contact information, visit
Thanks everyone! Please take this into serious consideration. Hope to hear from you soon!