Why is everyone suing Apple? Chinese lawsuit seeks $38M and an apology from Apple for use of iPad name


Most of you may not know that Apple purchased the iPad trademark from a display manufacturer Proview Electronics located in Taiwan for $55,000 by way of a front company called IP Application Development in 2006. Okay and so? The company claims that the deal did not include the rights to the trademark in China, as those were owned by Proview Technology located in Shenzhen.

Now you have a brief background information and here comes the best part. After threatening legal action, the company sued Apple in China last year on allegations of trademark infringement. Proview is seeking a total of $1.6 billion US in damages! According to Global Times, Proview’s lawyer said that the court in the Xicheng district of Beijing was ready to fine Apple with $38 million US but the ruling has been delayed due to Apple’s appeal.

Proview isn’t just looking for money. According to China Daily, the company demands an apology from Apple and ask the court to stop selling and marketing for Apple’s iPad in China. The lawyer also revealed that the company has filed separate lawsuits against Apple’s authorized retailers and stores in local courts. One such suit will be heard in a court in the Pudong district of Shanghai later this month.

Why Apple seems to be the one who always get sued? Does innovative mean more lawsuits and legal matters?