18 Year Old Robbed Twice Within 10 Minutes

An unlucky 18 year old named Lee was robbed twice within 10 minutes in Mongkok yesterday. In the early hours yesterday morning, Lee was walking alone along Portland Street when two guys jumped at him and knocked him unconscious, they took away $40 from his wallet. He was injured and while recovering from his ordeal on the road side, a passerby stopped and asked if he was alright. The passerby claimed he was a police officer and asked if he could count whether the rest of his money was still there. He told the so called policeman that he was lucky, the robbers did not take his iphone 4 and the $1,100 he had in his pocket. The passerby turned out to be another thief, he robbed Lee’s iphone and money and ran away. Lee gave chase, but after 80 yards, he couldn’t see the guy. As Lee was injured, he asked another passerby to call the police for help. Lee had injury to his left hand, left leg and his head, he was taken to Kwong Wah Hospital for treatment. The police are investigation the two cases.