Chrissie Chau Launches Own Bra Line, Helping Women Achieve the Perfect Cleavage!


Many celebrities in the entertainment business have started their own businesses. Earning nearly $20 million HKD last year, Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) was recently promoted to be a “boss” as well! In 2012, Chrissie entered the lingerie market in mainland China, investing approximately $10 million HKD to launch her own bra line. Capitalizing on her 32D figure as a live ad for her bra line, Chrissie will likely expand her “gold suctioning” powers in China!

In recent years, Chrissie focused on the mainland market by filming series and advertisements. Serving as a spokesmodel for lingerie brand, Lamiu, in China last year, Chrissie’s earning power was amazing! Aside from earning single men’s money, Chrissie realized that the mainland underwear market was also full of opportunities.

Over A Million Orders

In a joint venture with lingerie brand, Lamiu, Chrissie Chau invested $8 million Yuan (approximately $10 million HKD) to launch her own bra line, entitled, “ShowNa Collection” (秀娜系列). The underwear was especially targeted young mainland girls. Chrissie was deeply involved in the creation of her underwear line, designing a variety of very sexy lingerie sets!

Earlier, Chrissie modeled her own lingerie line for a promotional shoot. Revealing ample cleavage, Chrissie posed in a various titillating poses in an attempt to attract more customers to buy her bra line.

It was understood that Chrissie’s lingerie line was officially launched in mainland China the day before yesterday. Chrissie’s lingerie collection was available for sale in many places in mainland China. Each bra was priced at approximately $200 Yuan. It was known that on the first days of Chrissie’s lingerie launch, over a million orders were received online! The customer reaction was very enthusiastic!

Becoming A Power Business Woman

In an interview yesterday, Chrissie noted, “I have been considering starting my own lingerie collection for some time. I have always wanted to start my own business. I am very happy that I am able to realize this dream at the start of the new year! Asked whether she had invested nearly $10 million HKD in the lingerie line, Chrissie clarified that the amount was not as enormous as reported in the media.

Confident in her own underwear line, Chrissie said, “Earlier, I invested in shares in my own company, but the amount was not as much as the current sum. Perhaps there is some risk due to the large investment amount, but I am extremely confident in my lingerie business! Through my bra designs, I hope to share my ‘push-up’ secrets with other women. I have experience in this field and know which [cleavage effects] will attract people the most!”

In addition, Chrissie did not forget to thank the support of underwear brand, Lamiu, noting that they collaborated well together. “We have always worked well together. They knew that I was interested in launching my own lingerie brand and immediately extended their partnership. There were no limits on my lingerie designs, which allowed me a great deal of freedom!”