Steven Ma to Leave TVB in March 2012


There were rumors that Steven Ma (馬浚偉) did not get along with TVB management and requested to terminate his contract early. Yesterday morning, Steven arrived at TVB City to discuss his resignation. Steven indicated that he was at TVB yesterday, while TVB executive manager, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) confirmed that Steven will official end his contract in March 2012.

Initially working in the industry as a singer, Steven Ma joined TVB in 1994 under Catherine Tsang’s (曾勵珍) encouragement, working for 18 years with the company. Unfortunately, Steven’s series were often broadcast in weak viewership time slots. While he was nominated for the TVB Best Actor in the past, he never won the award. Earlier, TVB attempted to prevent him from filming mainland series, Legend of Yuan Empire Founder <建元风云>, which made Steven feel frustrated, prompting him to seek early termination of his contract. It was rumored that TVB Deputy Chairman, Mona Fong (方逸华) wished to retain Steven, but he refused to give in. Allegedly, Steven also refused to take a joint photo with rumored nemesis, Virginia Lok at large-scale promotional events.

Steven acknowledged that he was at TVB City yesterday. Asked whether he had returned to TVB to discuss his early contract termination, Steven replied, “Let’s talk about these matters later. I can only say that TVB and I are currently discussing this issue in a pleasant manner.”

Virginia Lok Confirmed Steven Ma’s Departure

In a telephone interview, Virginia Lok noted, “Steven Ma returned yesterday morning to TVB City to discuss his contract termination. His contract expiration date was originally May 2012, but he requested to end the contract early in March instead. TVB has accepted his resignation. Earlier, TVB accept a work assignment for him, which he pledged to fulfill. Our legal department will follow up on the details of the matter.”