RIM’s Playbook update has come too late…

When it debuted last year, RIM’s Playbook was missing several key features it needed in order to stay competitive in the tablet market. There were no apps for email, messaging, or managing contacts. Now RIM plans to release an upgraded operating system for the device next month called PlayBook 2.0, which will introduce a number of features to help get the tablet will be where it needed to be at launch.

Most essentially, it’s finally getting a native email app complete with features that are quite standard on other devices, such as a unified inbox and rich text editing.

The update coming in February, 10 months after the PlayBook was first released, was unveiled at the glitzy Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show this week. A free PlayBook 2.0 upgrade will be pushed out to current PlayBook owners in February. The new features will include:

  • Built-in contacts, calendar and email applications to run on the device itself without having to connect to a BlackBerry phone.
  • Expanded capabilities on the BlackBerry Bridge to allow your smartphone and tablet to work better together by transitioning tasks from your BlackBerry to your tablet, opening websites, documents and pictures on your tablet from your phone, as well as using your phone as a remote control for your PlayBook.
  • The capability to sync profile information from your connected LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  • A video store catalogue with thousands of movies and TV shows as well as thousands of other applications available from partners.
  • Access to Google’s Android apps, which can be ported over, as well as other new apps that the company is getting developers to build software for, which it has promised for the second half of 2012.

To conclude, these are the features that should have already installed in Playbook at the first place! None of these updates seem to impress me by a lot because I, as well as many playbook consumers, have been complaining about the lack of basic email app along with other features for 10 months!