Fala Chen’s Marriage Confirmed

It was rumored that Fala Chen married Neway young master Sit Sai Hang in 2008, but this was never confirmed. However, in recent times, Next Magazine reported to have received reliable news that Sit Sai Hang married Fala in the U.S and even gave her a 40,000 feet mansion. This mansion includes 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a table tennis room, a large garden and pool. I highly doubt she would have settled for anything less though. The magazine also reported that the couple met in 2006 and quickly became close. According to the source, at the time Fala took initiative in her acting career, but her attitude changed in 2008, when she often appeared with a black face. She often threw tantrums on the set and was frozen by TVB. It was said the reason for her change in attitude was because at the time, she just received her mansion wedding gift and was fearless. She started feeling less passionate about her acting career. It was also reported that Mr. Sit gave 10 million to her just to marry her.

Also, when Fala got married, she promised Grandma Sit that she will soon bear the family a child, but later she kept dragging and left the Sit Family displeased.

For those who are in love with Fala, Angelababy is still not married. Just saying.