Twenty-two-year-old model, Jessica C., suffered an unfortunate turn of events recently. A bank’s surveillance tape revealed that Jessica had taken $600 HKD that a customer left behind at an ATM in July 2010. Jessica was summoned to the police station to assist with the investigation recently [after the surveillance tape surfaced]. The day before, Jessica’s shocking sex photos and video clips circulated. The photos stunned the entire city of Hong Kong and Jessica suffered emotionally from their exposure.

There were approximately a dozen nude photos released. In several of the photos, a nude woman resembling Jessica C. was seen having intercourse and giving oral sex to a man in a bedroom. The side of the woman’s face was seen clearly, in which her profile resembled Jessica closely. Another video clip featured Jessica emerging from the shower, in which she looked at the camera directly and smiled lightly.

Yesterday, a man who was not fluent in Cantonese attempted to sell the sex photos and video clips for a high price. The man, who was Jessica’s American boyfriend, claimed the photos and videos were taken two years ago in Chicago. Contrary to earlier speculations, the man [featured in the pornographic photos] was not Jessica’s Brazilian model boyfriend, Sergio, whom she had recently broken up with.

Jessica’s manager, Christine, did not deny the authenticity of the photos, while stressing that Jessica was a victim in the incident. In a text message, Christine replied to the media’s inquiries, “Jessica is currently in Taiwan filming and will respond to the recent reports as soon as possible. Many thanks Jessica’s fans, friends and people who care about her. Whether the photos are authentic or not, please understand that Jessica is the victim.”

Yesterday morning, Jessica vented on her blog, indicating that her mood was as foul as the weather. Despite the heavy rains, there was no choice but to withstand the downpour, hoping that the worst would be over soon. In the photo, Jessica held up an umbrella with a frustrated expression.