Apple Store in Hong Kong IFC Mall

Hong Kong’s first Apple store has landed!! Located at the eastern end of the IFC shopping mall, the two-story Apple store manages to remain somewhat understated at first glance. After walking through the main entrance, you will see the Apple Store’s signature glass staircase with an oversized Apple logo and the view of Hong Kong’s cityscape in the background.

Transparency is one of the key elements of the store’s design. During the day, the amount of natural light that pours into the space is striking. The first floor is entirely dedicated to Apple products which are prominently displayed. The whole floor is filled with the blue-shirted Apple service army to ensure quality customer services are delivered to every customer.

The second floor is dotted with low tables. This is the children’s area and it is more than a mere distraction. Apple employees stand at the ready to assist pint-sized customers.

Most of the rest of the floor is given over to a personal setup area, where customers can personalize their purchases. The store’s “genius bar” provides tech support.

The Grand opening date is September 24, 2011 at 9 a.m. If you are lucky to be the first 3,000 people to walk in the store, you will receive a red T-shirt featuring a partially eaten apple.