BlackBerry Bold 9900 is out!

BlackBerry Bold 9000 finally offers some cutting-edge tech! It’s basically the oldBold but with a capacitive touchscreen and updated hardware including a 1.2 GHz CPU, 768 MB of RAM, a GPU , HSPA+, HD video camera and NFC support, which are all specs we never really expected a BlackBerry to have before the next decade. From a design perspective, it mixes BlackBerry’s traditional formula with iPhone 4-like materials. It certainly looks premium and feels lovely in the hand, especially the fantastic keyboard that BlackBerry has. The screen is beautiful that it is perfect to showcase that new BlackBerry OS7. Here is a video that gives a pretty good visual walk through of the Bold 9900’s hardware and what’s new in BlackBerry 7.

If you are Rogers users, you can get BlackBerry Bold 9900 for $199.99 CAD with a 3 year contract.