Trending: Asian Street Style

Asians seem to pull off crazy styles, no matter what they wear. Their outfits exude boldness, spunk, and insurmountable amounts of swag. They can gather the oddest pieces and turn them into something bizarrely eye-catching. Lately, Asian fashion has become rapidly popular, and is spotted around the globe. Follow these basic necessities to complete a playful yet daring outfit!

  1. Thin Knit Cardigans These are light weight and super easy to compliment any outfit. Simply wear a tee underneath and you’re ready to rock and roll.
  2. Over-sized Tunics An essential for fall. These are great to wear when you’re feeling lazy but want to look stylish at the same time. The over-sized look gives off a vibe thats effortlessly cool.
  3. Rolled Up Khakis Excellent as a jeans alternative. Khakis look rather proper compared to denim, and to say the least, more dressed up. Try rolling them up to show off your sneakers or oxfords.
  4. Nerd Glasses Ladies are freaks for geeks! Accessorizing an outfit with thick-framed glasses will instantly turn the chick magnet ON.
  5. Hats Snapbacks, trucker hats, fedoras, you name it. Hats are extremely popular in Asian wardrobes, and are usually the go-to accessory.