Rebecca Zhu Crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2011 was held last night at TVB City with 6 awards presented. The popular ‘International Fala Chen’ Rebecca Zhu (#5) was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011, first runner-up unexpectedly went to Hyman Chu (#14) and second runner-up falls on the hands of the ‘gossip contestant’ Whitney Hui (#3). Whitney was also presented with the ‘Miss Photogenic’ title. The other hot favorite, Nicole Leung (#6) won ‘Miss International Goodwill’. After the previous years of choosing ‘Miss Pork Chops’, this year TVB won general satisfaction from audience on the results. Audience praised that the quality of this year’s Miss HK winners were the highest compared to previous years.
After the Miss HK winner was announced, ‘The Most Popular Award’ was presented to 23 year old Rebecca, with measurements of 34-23-34.5 and a height of 5 feet 6.25 inches. She is a ballet dancer and came to HK from Suzhou 7 years ago. Rebecca was the most popular contestant since the start of the contest and has won the ‘Fashion Icon Award’ and ‘Happy Ambassador Award’ earlier. Last night, she wins the ‘Most Popular Award’, but is not considered a formal award. Rebecca appeared calm last night, and revealed sufficient self-confidence. During the question segment, she was asked if she’s afraid of loneliness, exhaustion and aging? She politely said she does not fear any of the three, and that even if she’s exhausted, she’ll still be ambitious. She believes if she has free time, she’ll go earn money and that makeup could rescue her aging problem. The MC Eric Tsang asked what she fears most? In a bikini, Rebecca was frank: “Today I’m afraid of being freezing the most.”

Since the contest started, Rebecca does not have much negative news. She clarified that she does not smoke or drink, and has only dated 3 times. She is currently dating her boyfriend of 2 years. It was exposed that Rebecca participated in ‘Miss Asia Pageant 2006’, but she said she does not remember. After 5 years, she is honored in the Miss HK seat. Later she admitted she did submit her information online, asked if she reported this to TVB? Rebecca said: “They should know! (You have something that can’t be seen in the light?) No! Just it’s been too long, I don’t remember. However, I never officially participated in it, Miss HK is the one I officially participated.”
Moses Chan, Vivian Chow, Jennifer Tse, and Real Ting were this year’s judges for the overall contest and ‘Miss Photogenic’ respectively. Moses and former Miss HK Aimee Chan are rumored, so he was automatically teased he knows how to choose the winners. Even the MC Eric teased that he’s often with the winners. Moses just gave a smile as his response.

Myolie Wu appeared as the Miss Hong Kong 1999 second runner-up to present the ‘Most Popular Award’, and steps onto the Miss HK stage once again after 12 years. Whether if it’s her body figure or appearance, she maintained them well. Always had an unblocked mouth, Eric suddenly brings Myolie’s rumors with Bosco Wong up and teased that she’s “supporting the Mrs. Wong title to appear on stage”. Myolie just knew how to smile in response.