A MacBook Air that is smaller than your palm

I am sure a lot of you have gone crazy for the new MacBook Air, especially the ones who have been using Apple products for a while. I am not an Apple user but I have to admit the new MacBook Air is a very powerful and the slimmest laptop that you can have for now. On the other side, China also has a MBA and it is even smaller than your palm!

It is small and light that you can flip up the screen with two fingers.

But, it is not as powerful as the one Apple has because it is only a mirror for girls to do makeup. This cute product is called MirrorBook Air (same initials as MacBook Air). The only functions of this MirrorBook Air is just checking yourself whenever you want. (Yes other than that, it is completely useless and that is why it only sells for a couple bucks in China)

They made it so real that it even has the details at the bottom!