Steering Wheel for iPhone 4 Gamers

When you first look at it, you probably know what it is used for. Yes, you are right! It is a steering wheel for car racing games in iPhone 4, called the Game Wheel Speaker. The size of this wheel is not too big and the handle feels very comfy. It is selling for $120HKD and definitely gives gamers a different and better experience of playing racing games in iPhone 4.

The two silvery circles in the middle are the speakers. Simply connect the steering wheel to the 3.5mm port of your iPhone 4 and you are ready to race! You may think this device probably uses 2A or 3A  batteries. But, the fact is it is using Nokia’s BL-5C battery (the battery that is installed in most of Nokia’s features phones)! So if you are a Nokia user, I guess you would not need to worry about the wheel being running out of battery. Here’s a demo video: