iPad 3? YES!

For all of youfans out there, rumors had it that iPad 3 will be released possibly by Fall this year.

Apart from the release date rumors, there have also been other rumors regarding iPad 3’s design and features of which were said to be “leaked” from different apple stores.

These exciting rumors includes;

1. Better camera
-5 mm high, 20% thinner than the current sensors
-Results in better and higher camera resolution

2. Faster connection
-As competitors like Motorola and Samsung upgrades its new products to 4G, it is reasonable to predict that the new iPad 3 will also upgrade its connections in order to compete in the market + differ this new product to the previous iPads.

3. Improved display
-Brighter and higher resolution use of Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode AMOLED display screen
-A 3D screen 😀

 Yes! I think it’s time I get myself an iPad.