UBC Freshmen Kickoff!


Hey First Years!

On August 30th, 2011, the UBC Dollar Project and Hong Kong Student Association is putting up one of the biggest UBC events of the summer!

It’s called “The Freshmen Kickoff!”

This event is designed for incoming first year students from ALL faculties! It doesn’t matter if you’re going into sciences, arts, commerce, engineering, lfs, music or forestry. This event is for every single first year who wants a head start in experiencing UBC!


This is THE EVENT to meet fellow first years, to familiarize yourself with the campus, to ask loads of questions and to have a ton of fun! We will have games, tours, prizes and FREE FOOD. You will also be given a chance to GET INVOLVED EARLY!


So with such an awesome event, how much do you have to pay?
NOTHING. The event is absolutely FREE!

All you have to do is register TODAY because we have limited seats available. The earlier you sign up, the better it is! Invite all your friends to come as well for it’s going to be an awesome day. If you’re going to remember anything happening in the summer, it’s going to be this event.

School doesn’t have to start in September for you. You can experience UBC on August 30th, 2011 at the UBC Freshmen Kickoff!

Fun, food, new friends, UBC. What’s a better way to start your year?



For more information on:
UBC Dollar Project: http://www.dollarproject.c​a/

UBC Hong Kong Student Association:

You can also register via http://www.hksaubc.com/#!s​ummer-kickoff-registration

Just click REGISTER NOW!

Invite your friends to come today before the spots fill up quickly!
Make sure you sign up by August 23rd so we can create your name tag and prepare for a day of awesomeness!

If you sign up later, we can’t guarantee you a spot at the UBC Freshmen Kickoff!!!!

We will be sending out a confirmation email later to confirm your seat at the UBC Freshmen Kickoff!

If you don’t know where the Woodward building is, simply click:http://www.maps.ubc.ca/PRO​D/index_detail.php?show=y%​2Cn%2Cn%2Cn%2Cn%2Cy&bldg2S​earch=n&locat1=536