High School Sweethearts

Shermon Tang (鄧上文), Miss Photogenic from 2005 Miss Hong Kong Pageant and daughter of actor Tang Ying Mun (鄧英敏), recently announced that she is four months pregnant. At the press conference of “Roaming Brunei” (漫遊汶萊), 28 year old, Shermon Tang, happily announced her pregnancy and that she was married earlier this year on March 6th at  Ko Samui island in Thailand.

Shermon Tang’s husband, Andrew Joy, is Australian. They met in high school and has been dating for 12 years (since she was 16!). They kept their marriage a secret until Shermon decided to release this news to the public.

Shermon does not know if the baby is a girl or boy yet. Not caring if the first born is a girl or boy, soon becoming grandfather, Tang Ying Mun,  is hoping that in the end she will have one son and one daughter because it will create the word “good” (好) in Chinese.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!