P.S I Love You – Hins Cheung


Hins Cheung is a Cantopop singer and songwriter in Hong Kong. He studied and graduated from the Guangzhou City 7th Secondary School. He is now under contract with Universal Records.

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To promote his new album P.S. I Love You, singer Hins Cheung accepted an interview with Commercial Radio yesterday. During the interview, Hins revealed that he will be a guest on ATV’s new musical show in the coming weeks. With regard to fellow singer Eason Chan’s earlier collaboration with ATV on a musical special that wasn’t able to ‘save’ the station’s ratings, Hins replied: “To be honest, it’s really the ‘usual ratings’ factor coming into play, as some stations will always have naturally high ratings. I won’t stop collaborating with a party because of this – to me, it’s fair competition…I won’t look at things with that type of mentality.” (Is your collaboration also ‘saving’ the ratings?) “Can’t think of it like that – it’s mutual promotion for the artist and TV station. ATV is able to penetrate places such as Hunan and Pearl River Delta and still get good ratings there – it really depends on what you as an artist are looking for.”

Hins admitted that due to the ongoing royalty dispute, his attitude toward the various media platforms has changed: “The shows that I go on now have a higher level of quality, plus they will notify you 2-3 weeks in advance what you need to prepare, not as rushed as before.” Hins also indicated that for the artists they interview, ATV would shoot promotional posters for them like they do in film. Asked whether he thinks TVB churns out large quantities of productions without regard to quality, Hins replied: “Perhaps TVB has a large number of artists, so may not be able to do some of these things. Now that some of the singers have more options [due to the royalty dispute], there are more opportunities. The happiest thing for a singer is being able to sing their song in its entirety.”

Anyways, here is the track list to his new CD.

You can buy this at http://www.yesasia.com/us/p-s-i-love-you-new-best-selections-cd-dvd/1024274223-0-0-0-en/info.html


01. Deadline
02. P.S. I Love You
03. 壯舉
04. 披星戴月
05. 留低鎖匙
06. 櫻花樹下
07. 不吐不快
08. 相對論 (feat. 林子祥)
09. 婚紗背後
10. 春秋
11. 攝氏零度
12. Yes & No
13. 失戀有獎
14. 單打獨鬥
15. 吻得太逼真(國)
16. 斷點(國)