FREE iPhone games for a limited time: 3D Hot Shot and Tomb Treasure

Did you install “3D Fun Catcher” in your iPhone? If not, you should download it now! This game was uploaded on the app store for only 49 days and over 1 million people have downloaded it. To celebrate the success, Auer, the company developed this game, announced that they are offering two of their hottest games for FREE within limited time period. I tried both of them and they are really fun!

The first FREE that I am going to introduce is “3D Hot Shot”. It is a simulated basketball game that players need to obtain a certain score to move on to the next level. The game is set with different levels of difficulties and players are required to overcome all challenges while they need to get a higher score! Cheers from crowd and well designed background music also helps making this game entertaining and fun. It was set at $1.99 USD but now it is FREE!

The second one is “Tomb Treasure”. It is like another iPhone game, “Bejeweled” series. However, it will definitely give you a whole new experience as it adds Chinese myths and history as well as 3 different playing methods into the game. If your fingers are fast enough, you can eliminate multiple gems at the same time to achieve a combo score. This game was set at $3.99 USD and it is also FREE now!

Don’t forget people. They are free only for a limited time!