A tablet for everyone! Speed MB-Z3 $1880HKD

If you have low budget but you would like to have a tablet running Android OS, I got something for you! Speed MB-Z3 tablet, using Samsung Cortex A8 1GHz CPU with Android 2.3. It is only for $1880 HKD! O.M.G

(Yes. The design is copied from iPad but it’s 1880 HKD so who cares?)

Many of you may not know but Speed is actually an active second-line brand that offers high tech gadgets at a reasonable and affordable price. MB-Z3 is Speed’s second Android Pad. What makes this tablet stands out is the Cortex A8 1GHz CPU, which is exactly the same one Samsung is using for their Galaxy Tab. Also, MB-Z3 has 512 RAM and 8GB internal memory with a 7″ capacitive touch screen monitor that supports multi-touch, which makes it very competitive on the market. In terms of its accessories, it has everything you need: USB cord, earphone, charger, screen protector, wiping cloth, and a case. If you think that cheap tablet does not equal to good performance, then you are wrong! Have a look at the video below:

No lagging at all when you are playing Angry Bird:

Paying $1880 HKD and you get a decent tablet with all the accessories that you need. What a deal!!