The REAL Iron Man

For those of you who are true Iron Man fans, it is no longer something you’d only see on movies but in real life!

Not long ago, in fact just a few days ago, an online video caught the eyes of many Iron Man fans as the video shows an Iron Man MK I armor that have been recreated by a young Chinese man called Wang Kang in Shanghai.

Wang first thought of the idea after watching the 2008 movie starring Robert Downey Junior and began building this costume at the end of this February which took him 3 months to finish. This fantastic armor costs around $450 to make and weighs about 50kg from high-density foam.

So, those who are artistic, creative and innovative, it won’t be a dream of recreating something you like or enjoy if you just act on it 🙂

Now, sorry for the wait but let me present you the REAL Iron Man: