Mix Walkman and Txt Pro, from Sony Ericsson…

While all the manufacturers are busy at developing and making innovative smartphones, Sony Ericsson has recently announced their new feature phones, Mix Walkman and Txt Pro that are made for people who love music and texting a lot.


Mix Walkman:

Mix Walkman is a new member to the Walkman series in 2011. It has a 3″ (240×400) TFT touch screen with 300 MP camera at the back and only weighs 88g. Unfortunately, the camera does not come with a LED flash light and it does not support auto focus as Mix Walkman is targeting teenagers who are looking for an affordable but also fun and entertaining mobile phone. For those of you who like to use your phone to go on internet, you have to realize that Mix Walkman only supports Wi-Fi internet and can not use 3G network. If you are looking for a music mobile phone, this would be a perfect fit for you. Mix Walkman comes in black/gold and black/pink OR black/silver and black/green.

Txt pro:

Txt Pro is tailor made for the ones who love texting a lot with their cell phones. Txt Pro has a 3″ (240 x 400) TFT touch screen with a 300 MP camera (again, no LED flash light, no auto focus). Txt Pro also does not support 3G network but users can go on internet with Wi-Fi. The phone is built in with Facebook/Twitter applications as well as Google Talk and IM App. Txt Pro comes in three different colors: Black, White, and Pink.