Linda Chung > Charmaine Sheh?

In Hong Kong, actors put a lot of effort and time in their roles in hopes of having positive results in their version of  a ‘year end report card’. At the end of the year, nominations are made in November for the annual awards ceremony that celebrates the best in TVB programming, the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Last week was the finale week for  TVB series, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir. The ending of the drama brought upon numerous online discussions and media coverage. Linda Chung, portraying “Miss Koo”, was one of the leading roles in the drama. She created a positive and dramatic response from viewers with her phenomenal acting skills in portraying betrayal and sorrow. She definitely brought tears in my eyes.

Viewers strongly praised Linda’s acting over Charmaine Sheh’s portrayal as a mentally challenged person in My Sister of Eternal Flower, a TVB series that aired approximately the same time. Many people claimed that Linda even had the abilities to secure the TVB’s Best Actress Award!

Who will win the award? I guess we will have to wait until December to find out. 🙂

No doubt, Linda’s acting stole the show, but Tavia is still better looking.