Height is just a number.

5’4 Cho Lam dating 5’9 Leanne Li is no longer new news. The phrase, “age is but a number,” is tossed around quite easily these days, but how about height? It may seem trivial for some, but significant to others. In the entertainment industry, reputation is everything.

Is this relationship blown out of proportion to generate media coverage, or is there a kernel of truth in everything? Leanne Li insists that her bond with Cho Lam is a pure and genuine one, built upon their shared Christian values. Is this the answer to all the finger pointing and gossiping? It is an undeniable fact that Cho Lam has found his niche in the entertainment industry by playing the clown, dressing up as women and dissing even his own looks. Is love truly blind? From the public’s eye, it seems as if Leanne is held up on a pedestal for Cho Lam to look up to, both in terms of height and career.