Naked Eye 3D + Android! Docomo SH-12C by Sharp

Naked eye 3D technology, 2 800 MP cameras, 3D photo-shooting & video recording, Android 2.3.3 with Sharp TapFlow UI, 4.3″ (540 x 960) qHD Sharp Mobile ASV capacitive screen, 1.4 GHz CPU and 2GB ROM/512 RAM. I think I have just given you enough reasons to buy this mobile phone. It comes in White and Black and is currently selling for $5400 HKD.

For those of you who are into Japanese mobile phones, you will love Docomo SH-12C. Unlike all the other Japanese mobile phones, Docomo SH-12C has most of its features already unlocked, which means you do not need a hyper SIM card or unlock the phone on your own. Simply insert your SIM card and you will have full access to 2.5/3.5 G network and the Android market. More surprisingly, it has no problems making phone calls and going on internet using Wi-Fi or data plan! However, few features are still restricted, for example, 1-Seg mobile TV.  But, you probably would not use it to watch Japanese TV channels because you would go on YouTube!

You may wonder, “Does the 3D effect still work with just one eye starring at the screen?” The answer is “NO”. You need two eyes!