Amigo Chui ends his contract with TVB

Yesterday, Amigo undertook a phone interview and told the interviewers that his TVB contract had been terminated last week. His incidents with beating his girlfriend, along with drinking and driving in January had a negatively impacted his image.  To further damage his image, Amigo was caught driving during his license suspension and TVB was not impressed. As a result, he was left with no income for 4 months and TVB Executive Virgina Lok had to suggest that he switch to behind-the-scenes work. Finally, Amigo decided to terminate his contract with TVB and is interested in behind-the-scenes work in both TV and movies. Amigo expressed that he has talked to Eric Tsang on helping out in his movies, but nothing has been confirmed yet. For the next several months, Amigo will be taking a break from work. In addition, Virgina Lok expressed that Amigo does not need to compensate TVB for the contract termination because Amigo’s Mainland jobs scheduled earlier can fill it in.