Charmaine Sheh Denies Rumors of a Marriage

Last year, Charmaine Sheh was in Mainland China shooting a series and a friend introduced her to the Mainland ‘Handbag King’, who apparently is a billionaire who owns his own company in manufacturing hand bags. Rumors say they’ve been dating for 6 months now and they were both spotted having dinner together in Hong Kong. The rumors also say that they have met each other’s parents and are talking about marriage. To support this fact, Charmaine moved out from a small house into a 5,000 square foot unit which could mean that she’s preparing for a larger family. However, when asked about the rumors, Charmaine’s manager represented her and said,” Thank you all for the concern. He is just a normal friend, my Mr. Right has not appeared yet.”

If you are a big fan of Charmaine (whether male or female :p), there is still hope!