You’ve probably heard of Gatsby at some point of your life. And no, I’m not referring to The Great Gatsby. I’m talking about Gatsby moving rubber for hair! If you have no idea what Gatsby is, it’s pretty much just a hair product that allows you to style your hair in whichever way you want. To be more specific, it’s made of polystretch fiber which allows you to shape and bend your hair and you can reshape it throughout the day without the wax losing it’s strength. It’s kind of like wax or gel, but they call it moving rubber wax and it’s Japanese manufactured. Gatsby comes in seven different colours, five for styling and two for texture. However, there are many of people who have no idea what each colour does or which colour would suit them the most. There are even some that use Gatsby and have no idea if that colour suits them or not. So for those that have heard of Gatsby, but don’t know too much about it and even for those that do use it, here’s a guide onto which colour would suit you the most for minimal frustration and maximized styling.

As mentioned before, five colours are made to give control and style while providing flexible texture and definition. The other two colours define the hair’s texture. Here’s a diagram for you to follow along. 

Spiky Edge (Pink) is usually used for really short hair and allows the hair to stand up with a “spiky edge”. Spiky Edge is designed to give you maximum control with short hair and sits well on short hair so your hair doesn’t clump up or become too stiff. It’s always easier to control your hair when it’s shorter and for longer hair, it’s always going to take longer and more patience. If you have long hair, I would not recommend Spiky Edge as it would be too weak for your hair and you would have to put a lot in order to gain some sort of control.

The Wild Shake (Purple) works for short hair or medium short hair. The purple is perfect for those who have medium short hair. I personally use the Wild Shake because my hair isn’t too long and it isn’t too short. However, Spiky Edge would hold just as well. The only differences would be that purple is able to bond your hair together without turning it into pointy spikes like pink does. Purple also allows your spikes less vertical at the tips so if you’re going for a rounder style or if you prefer your hair to be curving to the side instead of pointing straight up, then Purple would be perfect.

Next up is Air Rise (Green). Air Rise is perfect for those with medium short to medium long hair. As the name suggests, Air Rise Gatsby is meant to give your hair some volume. Don’t ever try using Pink with medium to long hair because it is too weak to lift your hair and you’ll just end up with a greasy look. Green, however, will bring hair together into spike-like formations that will hang down instead of up.  It’s also not as sticky as the Pink or the Purple Gatsby.

Loose Shaffle (Orange) is for those with longer hair although the diagram suggests “short to long”. If you want to do spikes with your hair, this would not be the product for you. This product will give the top layers of your hair extra volume and it enables you to twist your hair pretty well. Orange also allows you to group your hair “creating flow and compactness”. A downside is that the hold is not as strong and you would need to use hair spray in order for the style to last all day. Although it’s mostly used for longer hair, if you’re one of those people who gets a haircut and then waits for months until the next one, then orange may be perfect for you since it works for short and long hair. That way, you can use it right when you get out of the hair salon, and you can still use it when your hair is long after x months.

Finally, in the style section, we have Nuance Motion. This is a newest addition to the Gatsby family. This Gatsby will give you a natural look to you hair for a soft nuance style with natural movement. This product is meant for styles with lots of volume for longer hair styles. I would recommend that you use a lot of hair spray to hold your style all day. The longer your hair, the more hair spray you’ll need.

Now onto the two products that focus more on texture as opposed to styling. 

The first one is the Mat Grunge (Grey). The rough texture gives a very non-shine look to your hair unlike pink and purple this product is probably the best at giving a very natural look to your hair, its a bit difficult to spread in your hair you have rub your palms and your fingers vigorously to get the product into your hair properly but after that its easy styling  it gives a lot of volume to your hair so you can easily spike or if your lazy you can a simple bed head by spreading it in your hair and then just shaking your hair and then molding it to what you want with out the spikes. Once again, with longer hair, it is recommended you use hairspray.

Lastly we have the Cool Wet (Blue). This product is best used for curly hair where wet products can accentuate the waves.  If you want to look like you just came out of a shower, then this product is perfect for you. If not, then don’t even bother buying Cool Wet. It’s not really “cool” to have a wet hair look and to be quite frank, can be quite disgusting at times if not done properly. You usually only see these hair styles in Asian movies. Personal opinion though.

To summarize:

Spiky Edge (Pink) – For very short to short hair – Creates wild and 3D style spiky hair that lasts all day
Wild Shake (Purple) – For medium short to short hair – Creates a casual messy look
Air Rise (Green) – For medium short to medium hair – Creates bounce and airyness with a light setting
Loose Shuffle (Orange)- For short to medium long hair – Creates a natural wavy look easily.
Nuance Motion (Yellow) – For short to long hair- Allows natural look to you hair for a soft nuance style with natural movement.
Cool Wet (Blue)- For short to medium hair – Creates a glossy wet finish without stickiness.
Grunge Mat (Grey) – For very short to medium short hair – Creates a natural look with mat finish.

I hope this guide has helped and will allow you to choose the perfect product for your hair!