Jay Chou shifting priorities as he ages?

During a Chinese television show, Jay Chou talked about his journey into the entertainment business at the age of 18. He says, “After graduating from high school at the age of 18, I didn’t manage to get into a university, so I started writing songs,” sighed Jay. “Luckily, I know how to play the piano.

He then joined a songwriting competition and was able to come in second place. It was there that his mentor Jacky Wu discovered him and the rest is history.

Jay Chou is now 32 years old and he’s “getting older and unable to dance due to shortness of breath, which is why all the fast songs are arranged at the end of the concert.

Some fans have speculated that Jay Chou may be moving into the film making industry after his successful hit The Green Hornet and that his album release (The Era) has been slower than his previous releases. However, Jay Chou reassures his fans by saying, “It feels great to be able to make movie in Hollywood,” said Jay, “but I prefer making music videos because they wrap faster” and that “preparation for his new album is almost done“.